• 2.5 KG
  • 4.5 KG
  • 8 KG
  • 2,85 mm
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The BigRep PRO HS is an innovative, robust and biodegradable material with the same mechanical properties as the PLA but with a high extrusion rate, enabling large-scale 3D printing at higher speed.

This filament was created using biopolymers, which makes it sustainable and biodegradable. The extrusion of the PRO HS is possible at a low temperature (170°C), it means that the production with PRO HS needs less energy than with other materials, lowering their environmental impact. As it is not oil based, the PRO HS is also a very good ecological alternative to ABS.

The PRO HS can be used in every industry field producing mid to large-scale patterns or ready-to-use prototypes at high-speed and high-quality. It can print almost twice as fast as the PLA and that with no modification of the 3D printer.


Filament Net Weight: 2.5 / 4.5 / 8.0 Kg
Material: BioPolymer
Density: 1.4 g/cm³
Diameter: 2.85 mm
Print Temperature Guideline: 170 – 210 °C
Heating Bed: 0 – 60 °C
Heat Distortion Temperature (ISO 75): 48 °C
Tensile Strength (ISO 527): 43 MPa
Impact Strength (ISO 179): 59 KJ/m²
Flexural Modulus (ISO 178): 3500 MPa