PVA Support Material






Are you tired of printing complex objects with overhangs that require what seems like hours of cleanup work? Make your supports easier to remove by grabbing a spool of our PVA filament. This capable product is water soluble, and the warmer the water, the faster it dissolves, so you can spend more time creating those tortuous prints and less time refining the results after the fact.


This transparent support filament is unlike any other on the market: It doesn’t absorb tons of water during storage, it works flawlessly with dual extruders like the BigRep’s and it’s specifically designed not to overheat. It’s also been optimized for improved melt flow characteristics, meaning you no longer need to concern yourself with clogging at the hotend.


Filament Net Weight: 2.3 / 4.5 / 8.0 Kg
Material: Polyvinyl Alcohol
Density: 1.23 g/cm³
Diameter: 2.85 mm
Print Temperature Guideline: 190 °C
Heating Bed: 60 °C
VST (ISO 306 VST A 120): 60 °C
Tensile Strength (ISO 527): 78 MPa
Impact Strength (ISO 179): 1.6 KJ/m²
Tensile Modulus (ISO 527): 3860 MPa

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