Print Bed Tape for your BigRep 3D Printer

Print Bed Tape – Polyimide


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Getting that first layer to stick is essential, especially with large objects. Without a solid foundation, the rest of your print may deform or even fail to extrude properly, but it can be difficult to keep your print surface sufficiently clean. To further complicate matters, reducing your initial extruder offset can make it really hard to detach the final product from the bed or squash lower layers. Luckily, this polyimide-foil tape offers the perfect surface for creating consistent prints that are easier to handle.

Our polyimide foil is highly heat resistant, so it won’t shift in reaction to your bed heater cycling or the temperature of the extrusion layers. Its thermal conductivity also ensures that bed heat passes through evenly to prevent your print from warping. With the perfect amount of tack, this uniform tape makes objects stick better while they’re printing and lets you peel them away with greater ease when they’re complete. Add some to your cart to eliminate printing headaches for good.