• 2,85 mm
  • 2.3 KG
  • 4.5 KG
  • 8 KG
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Spark your creativity! Extend the scope of your printed part applications with our outstanding PETG filaments, while keeping them as strong and aesthetically pleasing as possible.
When it comes to projects with higher requirements in terms of strength, toughness and thermal resistance, PETG is the material of choice. It’s very low warping behaviour makes it a real alternative to ABS!


Our True Berlin Color PETG Berliner Weisse Pur filament extrudes odourless and readily achieves a smooth flow at temperatures ranging from 215ºC to 250ºC, lending a glossy sheen to your transparent prints.

Fully compatible with all 3D printers that employ fused deposition modelling, our PETG filaments are also a natural fit for your BigRep device.

Pick up your low humidity absorption 2.85 mm filament on a 2.3 Kg spool and step ahead of the competition with our PETG True Berlin Color filaments.